IP65 Modular Fittings SAS Ceilings

We are  pleased to announce the new IP65 Tegra Modular Lighting Range designed for use in clean room environments.

When maintaining a clean room atmosphere IP65 is essential.  The flexibility of our Tegra IP65 Range is suitable for most ceiling types including IP65 SAS 120, 130, 150 & 330 Systems.

  • Laboratory Lighting,
  • Pharmaceutical areas,
  • Semi-conductor manufacturing 
  • Healthcare,
  • Kitchens
  • Food Preparation

Ingress Testing

Ingress Protection forms part of the process of determining the level of protection provided by equipment enclosures.  The test methods and definitions of the Ingress Protection (IP) Codes are covered under the BS EN 60529 and 60598 Standards.

Tegra IP65 consists of the following:

  • Protection of persons against access to hazardous parts.
  • Protection of equipment inside the enclosures to ingress of solid foreign objects.
  • Protection of equipment in the enclosures against harmful effects due to the ingress of water.

Tegra IP65 meets fully the requirements of BS EN 60529 and 60598 Standards.

Tegra IP65 LED panel is a modular luminaire designed to fit in to SAS Ceiling types. The body is made from powder coated steel giving a screwless appearance from under the ceiling. The diffuser is made from high efficiency PMMA / polycarbonate which gives the luminaire optimum performance.

The IP65 Tegra has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours and produces an efficacy of 123.61 lm/W.


599 x 599 x 85mm


7.5 kg


SAS Ceiling 


220-240Vac 50/60Hz


5 Years

For further information on the Tegra IP65 600x600 please visit our Range of Tegra Fittings.



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